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Word Parts: Prefix, Base Word, Suffixes | Grammar for Grade 2 | Kids Academy

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Word Parts: Prefix, Base Word, Suffixes | Kids Academy

Looking for something to teach your little one the concept of base words, suffixes, and prefixes? If yes then you are at the right place because we are going to tell you about the right way to do that and we will even give you some motivation because honestly, we know it’s hard to teach children the basics of English.

First of all, as a parent or a teacher, you need to stay calm and stay consistent with your efforts because the brain of a child is too young to understand and grab such concepts quickly.

They need more examples, more games and more interest in a subject to learn about it. So, stay focused and make sure to do the best you can to teach your child English.

For example, when it comes to base words and prefixes etc, what you can do is that you can start making your little one watch online videos. Yes, you read that right! There are several online Youtube lessons that you can opt for if you want to teach your child word parts, base word or in simpler words, prefixes or suffixes.

These Youtube videos will be useful because they’ve got some of the best graphics and the best audios in them that attract children and they become interested in the subject that’s being taught.

Not only this, in fact, but you can also even try story boxes and different games so that your little one can grab the concept of what you are trying to teach him/her. Just stay focused, don’t put too much pressure on that younger one’s brain and we assure you that you will witness some great results in a short time.

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