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What is Sound? | Science Experiments for Kindergarten | Kids Academy

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Sound Basics for Kids – What is Sound? | Science for Kindergarten | Kids Academy

Today our task is to explain the science which affects your daily life – the sound. The question which pops up in most of the children’s mind is; where does this sound come from? Since sounds are all around us, therefore, every kid tries to figure out where is it coming from? Well, kids buckle up because there are lots of things you’ll learn about sound today.
Sound mainly comes from different sources. And what are sources? Well, the source is anything where the sound comes from.

And the sound is the type of energy, therefore, anything which makes any sound also uses energy. For example, when you turn on the refrigerator, it starts to produce a humming sound. This means the fridge is using energy to produce the sound. Amazing, right? A fun fact which majority of the kids don’t know is that; light travels faster than sound. For example, during a thunderstorm, you will observe light prior to hearing the rumbling sound. To learn more about sound stay connected.

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