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What is society? In this video, we will talk about this and other topics. We will learn the definition of society, its functions, and its qualities. We will look at different types of societies, their goals, and values. Students will learn about the differences between society and community, and how the two concepts can overlap. We will talk about the laws & rights governing a society, as well as the shared attributes and responsibilities of its members.

Another topic of this video is citizenship – the concept in general and citizenship for kids in particular. We will find out what it means to be a good citizen: holding a door for someone, being polite, contributing to the community, and other examples.

When we speak of society and citizenship we can’t but mention the government. We will look at local government departments on the municipal and state levels: water department, fire department, sanitation, police, transportation, recreation, and others. We will cover different branches of the federal government: legislative, judicial, and executive as well as different jobs within the government of the United States including the president for kids to understand how the system works.

When we discuss the laws and rights of the US citizens we must consider:

the voting rights and why their important,
civil rights such as freedom of speech, and how the activists of the civil rights movement helped bring these rights to all American citizens
how the rights are protected by law, and what responsibilities they entail

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