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What Is Checkmate? | Definition and Meaning | Learn to Play Chess for Kids

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What Is Checkmate? | Definition and Meaning | Learn to Play Chess

The most important word associated with chess is checkmate. It is how a player either wins or loses the game. Therefore before you explain the other rules of chess to kids, start with the most basic knowledge of checkmate, so that they know what they need to know in order to win the game.

You know about CPR, capture protect runaway. If the king cannot get out of CPR situation it means checkmate. In simple words, if the king is being attacked and it cannot save itself in any way we say its checkmate and the game is over.

Since in chess we do not capture the king so checkmate means that it is the turn before we would capture the king, which simply means the king is trapped and there is no way out.

Let me explain this through the example above.

In this position, the queen is at b7 attacking the black king. The black king cannot protect or run away from here. However, the king can do a capture move from here.

The black king can easily capture the queen from here and save itself from checkmate.
However, if we make little changes in the arrangement of this board.

Now the black king has no place to run away, neither can it protect itself nor it can capture the queen. Because now the queen is being protected by the white king. Therefore there is no way that the black king can now attack the queen. This brings the black king in a checkmate situation. Now there is no way that it can save itself. Hence now this would be called a checkmate and it is game over.

You can set many different examples on your chess board to better explain the concept to the kids to make it more interesting for them. This online chess session is extremely helpful for kids and can be used as chess lessons for beginners.

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