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What is a Syllable? | Open and Closed Syllables | Kids Academy

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What is a Syllable? | Open and Closed Syllables | Kids Academy

There are total of 6 types of syllables out there and if you are about to start teaching your little one about syllables then we’d recommend you to start with the open syllables and the closed syllables.

It’s just that these are easier to understand and your kid will learn quite fast. Not only this, in fact, after learning these two types, your kid will be able to speak a hundred different words.

For starters, you need to tell your children what is a syllable. It basically is a unit of pronunciation that comes with a single vowel only. For more details, you can refer to the internet and watch videos on Youtube that tell everything you need to know about a syllable.

Open Syllables:
In an open syllable, nothing comes after the vowel and the word ends right at the vowel. For example, the word “he” is an open syllable as nothing is coming after the vowel “e”. Also, in this case, the vowel is long.

Closed Syllables:
In this case, there comes a consonant after the vowel. In a nutshell, when we talk about a closed syllable, know that the vowel is closed with a consonant in the end. For example, there’s the word “cap” and “men”. You can see that in both these words the vowel is closed with the consonant “p” and “n”.

We hope you now understand the difference between both types. So, teach your kids about these two types and then move towards the other ones so that they can have a better understanding of what syllables are.

The wiser thing to do would be to watch Youtube videos and teach your children about vowels and syllables etc from there because that way, they will pick things up quicker.

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