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What is a Community? | Communities & Neighbors | Social Studies for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Community is an important social studies standard for kindergarten and first grade. Learning about communities as a kindergartener or a 1st grader needs to be meaningful for kids, and something they can relate to in their own worlds and lifestyles.

In this charming video compilation that teaches about communities for kindergarten and communities for 1st grade, your child will be able to answer the question, “What is a community?” When learning about community, kids learn how they and their family and friends fit in bigger pictures of their world and in their bigger communities at large.

They’ll learn that a community is a place where people live together, full of many places to visit and many people to see. They’ll individually walk through the colorful worksheets that ask them, “What Is A Neighbor?” and “What Do You See In A Community,” as well as learn social studies for kindergarten and first grade standards.

As they travel through the various community-focused activities, they’ll also learn about neighbors for grade 1, and that neighbors live near each other in communities. This video also walks students through various worksheets that teach about kindergarten community concepts and 1st grade community concepts, including what makes a home a home for people in a community. The video also helps reinforce important family sight words like mother, father, sister and brother, and with engaging pictures and the teacher’s clear descriptions, makes community for kids a concept with which they can identify.

As our children continue to cement their places in the bigger, global community, helping them understand community terms and concepts in their own little worlds allows them to be knowledgeable citizens and good neighbors in their neighborhoods, classrooms, towns and countries. Kids Academy videos are the perfect way to show students how to understand and fit in their own communities.

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