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Make social studies for 3rd grade interesting with videos that engage your learners! These videos bring the early history of the United States alive with facts and information given to students in smaller, manageable “mini” lessons.

It might surprise your students to find out that Native American tribes had different languages, art, and beliefs. The video includes a brief look at several larger tribes such as the Sioux, Apache, Cherokee, and Navajo.

The Kids Academy US history for kids collection continues the United States’ story with a video on the founding of the Jamestown colony in 1607. Discover why people sailed from England to North America and view where Jamestown was located and what the colony looked like.
Further exploration of the original 13 colonies gives students basic information on how the settlement of North America continued after the Jamestown colony. These original colonies eventually became states. At one time, the American flag only had 13 stars—not 50 as we have today.

With the formation of a new country, new holidays and traditions emerged. Videos explaining the American holidays of Thanksgiving and Independence Day instruct students on how and why these traditions started.

Finally, the last video introduces children to American inventors that changed the world as we know it. Meet Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Wright Brothers. These innovators made the world a “smaller” place with advances in communication and travel. Samuel Morse gave the world Morse code. The code allowed for communication across long distances. Alexander Graham Bell went further with telephones, and The Wright Brothers paved the way to travel across countries in airplanes.

This compilation of videos is ideal for use in classes teaching US History for 3rd graders. Spark your students’ interest in the history of the founding of the United States of America.

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