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Types of Energy and Forces for Kids: Round-Up | Kids Academy

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Force and Motion for Kids | Ramps | Kids Academy

Want to learn all about the different kinds of energy and forces? Well, this might be quite hard for the kids to understand however there are certain methods which may make it easier. First, let’s define energy. In simple words, energy is the ability to move or do work.

There are numerous different types of energy, three of the most common are;
• Chemical energy
• Electrical energy
• Light energy

These three kinds of energy can be really easy for the kids to understand. Let’s begin with chemical energy. In simple words, chemical energy allows the chemical reactions to take place. The second one is the electrical energy which allows the electrical power to generate and give us electricity and power.

The last one is the light energy which we can get from both natural (solar energy) and artificial (light bulbs) means. Light energy also changes the temperature on the planet Earth and is food for plants all over the globe. Amazing, right?

Now let’s move on to defining force. Force is the ability to push and pull an object. Push is moving the object away from you while pull is dragging a thing or an object close to you. Simple, right? To learn more about the types of energy and force stay connected.

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