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Two-Syllable Words | ELA for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Two-Syllable Words | Learn Syllables | Reading | Kids Academy

If you are reading this article right now then there are chances that your kid has come of age when he is supposed to start learning about syllables and well if that’s the case then yes, you are definitely at the right place!

You see, for starters, you need to tell your child that a syllable is basically a unit of pronunciation. It contains a vowel sound all alone or it contains a vowel along with one or more than one consonant sounds. Other than this, if you want to teach your little one about syllables then don’t worry because you won’t ever run short of options and solutions.

Most importantly, this is the digital age we are living in and today the internet has a solution to almost all our problems. Similarly, if it’s hard for your child to understand the concept of two-syllable words or syllables from a textbook then don’t worry because you can opt for Youtube tutorial videos.

You see, the biggest advantage of these tutorials is that they are all visuals and that’s exactly what children get attracted to. With visuals, it will be easier for your child to grab the concept of syllables and you can then easily talk about the two-syllable words too with your kid.

Not only this, in fact, but the best part is also that you can even play games and read different stories to your children to tell them about syllables. As a parent, you will have to put in a lot of effort into your child but believe it or not, a little struggle today can help him a lot when he grows up. Especially if you want your child to become an intelligent student and if you want him to grow then do as much struggle as you can on him and see him prosper!

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