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Timothy Goes to School – Professor Fritz / Two Tutu Friends | FULL EPISODE | TREEHOUSE DIRECT

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23A “Professor Fritz”
Mrs. Jenkins’ students are making science projects to display at Hilltop School’s open house and Fritz, the class inventor, is going to impress everyone with his rocket ship. When a test flight goes haywire in front of the entire class, Fritz feels humiliated and abandons his experiment. With some encouragement from his friends, the budding scientist finds the confidence to go back to the drawing board.

23B “Two Tutu Friends”
Doris is inspired to take ballet lessons after watching Grace dance in front of the class. A growing friendship between the two girls comes to an abrupt end when Doris embarrasses Grace by telling their school friends about an amusing mishap in dance class. Both girls discover that dance class isn’t as much fun without each other’s friendship.

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