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The Ants Go Marching + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Kids Academy

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Rhymes, songs, and fingerplays are some of the best activities you can do with your child to prepare them for future success in reading, language and math. Through these activities, children increase their vocabularies and learn the sound and rhythm of speech. Fingerplays provide the extra benefit of improving small motor muscles in their hands. This leads to better writing skills later. These fun videos from Kids Academy leave children smiling, and provide them with learning experiences.
The first song is the popular counting tune, The Ants Go Marching. Children count up to 10 using predictable text. Children sing the “ants go marching one by one” and then “two by two” all the way to 10. The Ants Go Marching lyrics also include fun rhymes. Phonemic awareness begins with recognition of rhyming words. This video is ideal for counting and rhyming fun.

Continue singing with the fingerplay Daddy Finger. Children sing along to the lyrics that are easy to remember and participate in acting out the song with their own hands. The creators of the video use bright, engaging animation to make the song come to life with child-friendly themes throughout.
And what song time would be complete without a visit to Old MacDonald’s Farm? This favorite of kids everywhere doesn’t disappoint. Farmer MacDonald travels through the farm on his tractor. All farm animals are present and the animals and their sounds will delight your little one.
This video series ends with a fun twist to the song Row, Row Your Boat. The video shows two children on an adventure in their boat and encounter different animals along the way. Children participate in this song with squeaks, roars, screams, and more!

Begin your next song and activity time with the Ants Go Marching song. Enjoy time with your preschooler singing, playing, and learning.

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