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Thanksgiving Story for Kids – The First Thanksgiving Cartoon for Children | Kids Academy

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Thanksgiving Story for Kids – The First Thanksgiving

It’s Kids Academy, and today we are gonna talk about Thanksgiving Day! It is a holiday celebrated in America on the fourth Thursday of every November. Children know Thanksgiving as a day that they are off school and eat turkey. Ask your students and children if they know the story of how Thanksgiving began. Further, ask your students or children what it means to be thankful and list things for which they are thankful. This video explains the history of Thanksgiving in a way that is easy to understand and it is perfect for young learners.

The video opens with a description of what most children understand about Thanksgiving. The video mentions parades, a big meal and time spent with family on Thanksgiving. Then the video details the story of the Pilgrims and their voyage to the New World. After their arrival, the winter was cold and long. When it was spring the Pilgrims needed to plant food to survive. The Native Americans helped the Pilgrims plant food such as corn. At the end of the summer there was a great harvest. The Pilgrims celebrated and invited the Native Americans to a big feast. This was the first Thanksgiving.
The video points out that the Pilgrims were very thankful for their food and the help they received from their Native American friends. Now on Thanksgiving each year we express our thankfulness as well for food, family and shelter.

Thanksgiving for kids is a fun day to spend eating good food, watching a parade, and spending time with family. But it is much more than that. Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect upon the many good things that we have and be thankful. This Thanksgiving 2019, use this fun and educational video to learn the history of Thanksgiving in your home class or school classroom.

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