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Ten in the Bed + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Kids Academy

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The benefits of young children experiencing music and singing songs are numerous. Kids Academy brings classic songs to children to sing along with and enjoy each day.

Each video provides the song lyrics, music, and an animated story that keeps children interested. Giggles abound when toddlers and preschoolers watch the Ten in the Bed Song. Ten fun characters climb in one bed, and one by one, they roll over and fall out. Children learn the names of number words and also counting backward.

In the Baa, Baa Black Sheep song, a delightful story is told that keeps children watching, listening, and singing along. Children may be surprised to learn where wool comes from and what is made from wool!

If children need a soothing song to relax to, then the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is perfect. Calm vocals with a charming nighttime story scene are sure to settle your little ones after a busy day of learning and fun.

And finally, the What’s Your Name song is perfect for learning how to ask a new friend their name. This social skill is sometimes difficult for children who are hesitant to meet new friends. It is an excellent resource for students learning English too. Children sing along and then know the words to say if they don’t know another person’s name and want to find out.

Incorporating music and singing into your classroom each day brings happiness to your younger students and promotes a positive teaching environment. Singing teaches children vocabulary and language. Through songs, children learn how language is constructed and children hear and practice rhyme. The classic nursery rhyme songs teach rhythm, beat, and tone too.

Enjoy the song clips at home or in the classroom. Your students and children will be singing along in no time at all!

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