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Tally Marks, Picture & Bar Graphs | Math for 1st and 2nd Grades | Kids Academy

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Meet our new video about Tally Marks, Picture & Bar Graphs Math for 1st and 2nd Grades.
An important math skill is learning how to organize data and information. When data is organized, then comparisons are made and solutions to problems are found. Young learners use tally marks, bar graphs and picture graphs to read and understand different types of information.
Kids Academy has a variety of worksheet activities for students working on the 1st and 2nd grade levels. Worksheets that teach about tally marks for 1st grade explain what tally marks are, how to write tally marks correctly and how to use tally marks to represent numbers. Students enjoy the bright pictures of insects and animals on these exercises.
These instructional worksheets provide beneficial practice on graphs as well. The videos about bar graphs for 2nd grade show how a graph displays data or information represented by a bar that reaches a given number on the graph. Students will read the graph to see how many objects are in a pencil case or how tall aliens are. The worksheets utilize easier one-step and more challenging two-step questions. The video teachers show students different strategies for solving the problems.
Students also learn that information is organized in a picture graph. In this type of graph, pictures or symbols represent data. The video teacher explains picture graphs for 2nd grade clearly and instructs the students on how to read the graph and then answer questions about the data. In both the bar graph and picture graph instruction, the teachers remind students to look for keywords such as “in all” or “altogether” to determine what operation to perform to solve the problem.
Use these worksheets as great teaching, re-teaching or enrichment resources in your math classroom. These videos are ideal for distance learning and are great options for homeschooling families as well. Children benefit from experiencing different teaching styles and using different strategies for solving problems. Incorporate the use of these videos in your school or home classroom today!

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