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Syllables | Word Parts: Prefix, Base Word, Suffix | Phonics for 2nd & 3rd Grade | Kids Academy

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Teaching phonics for kids is easier with these instructional and fun videos from Kids Academy. Join the phonics superhero, Chris the Word Whiz, and learn more advanced phonics skills.

Join Chris and learn about word parts for kids. The word whiz carefully explains to students that if a word is divided into syllables, the words are easier to decode and read. Each syllable in a word has a vowel sound and the video explains the difference between words with open and closed syllables. Chris demonstrates a cool way to find out the number of syllables in a word by placing your hand under your chin. Say the word. Count how many times your chin moves down.

In another video, students learn about words with silent letters. Chris explains that some words don’t follow the phonics rules. Examples of these words include: knight, honest, climb and wrap. The word whiz superhero reads many examples of words with silent letters and quickly throws the words into “word jail” for not following the rules! Chris asks students to read words on their own as well.

Comprehending new words is easier if students know about prefixes. In the video about prefixes for kids, students learn about the common prefixes: re, un, bi, and dis. Children learn what each prefix means and how adding a prefix to a word changes the meaning of the word.
In addition to prefixes, the videos teach suffixes for Grade 2 students. Chris the Word Whiz, explains that suffixes are words parts added to the end of a word. Kids learn the common suffixes ful, less, ly, able. Our superhero explains what each suffix means and what the meanings of words are that have these suffixes. The videos include instruction on how adding suffixes sometimes change a verb to a noun and that you can add a prefix and a suffix to a word.

Letters for kids isn’t just about learning the names of letters in the alphabet. Silent letters, prefixes, suffixes, and syllables are challenging phonics skills. Clear up confusion on these concepts with exciting videos and Chris the Word Whiz!

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