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Suffixes ful, less, ly, able | English Grammar for Grade 2 | Kids Academy

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Suffixes ful, less, ly, able | English Grammar for Children | Grade 2 | Kids Academy

The English language is very interesting, if you look at the words closely you will see some repetitive combination of alphabets ending the words. These letters that end a word are called ‘suffixes. These suffixes change the meaning of words and can create new words. In this video we talk about 4 suffixes:

When we add suffix -ful to a word it changes its meaning to ‘full of’. For example:
• Colorful
• Grateful
When we add -less to a word it means ‘without’, which means that something is without the word that’s in the start of this word. For example:
• Homeless
• Helpless
The suffix -ly can be used to answer two questions, how often and how. For example:

1. How did she act? Answer: Badly
2. How often does she dance? Answer: Weekly
-able simply means ‘can’. That something can be done. For example:

• Respectable
• Comfortable

So now you know the suffixes. Find words in a storybook ending with these suffixes, just as a practice exercise. These are very important to learn about good English grammar for children.

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