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What makes a sound? | Sound Experiments for Kids | Learning Video for Kindergarten and 1st Grade | Kids Academy

Children think a lot. Mostly when they are young and peeking into everything. The question which most of the kids usually ask is; what makes a sound? To make their concept clear it is important to tell what sound actually is. Well, the sound is the form of energy which is produced with the interaction of two objects.

There are numerous different sources which can produce sound. For example, whenever you start a car, the engine makes noises. This sound is produced as a result of energy supplied. Another thing which the kids need to know is that the light travels faster than sound. For example, whenever the lightning is struck you see the lighting prior to hearing its sound.

Everything around you tends to produce sound. Whether it is the fridge, car, tube light or fan, everything which requires energy for its operation makes a sound. To learn more about sound and its facts stay connected.

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