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Sorting objects in preschool is a necessary and vital skill. Sorting teaches and reinforces so many concepts! Colors, shapes, sizes, describing words, vocabulary, logic, and reasoning are learned when preschool and kindergarten students sort. The simple act of sorting objects by color, size or shape prepares students for challenging problem solving as they get older.

The video depicts a scene that many students recognize. A friendly elephant is playing in some leaves in a park. The season is fall, so there are many leaves of different colors on the ground. The elephant then sorts the leaves in different ways. The leaves are sorted by shape. Oak leaves are put in one heap and Maple leaves in another. The leaves are different sizes as well so the leaves are sorted into piles of big and little leaves. And finally, the leaves are sorted by color. The animation in the video is fun and inviting for young students and the language is easy to understand.

In addition to the video and digital games, hands-on sorting objects activities for preschoolers are found everywhere in the home and school environment. Sorting toys by color, shape, and size is a fun activity. Students enjoy sorting themselves by hair color, shirt color or by who is wearing shorts or pants. Sorting pom poms, shells and even cereal are great ideas!

Once preschoolers master the basics, they are ready for more difficult activities with sorting objects in kindergarten. Ask kindergarten students to sort objects by two attributes such as by gender and clothing. For example, sort girls wearing pants and boys wearing pants. Use this video to introduce sorting to kindergarteners or as a reteaching or introduction activity to grade-level K math.

Sorting preschool activities are an integral part of math instruction for young learners. This video engages and teaches students with bright, inviting animation and a story that allows children to “see” math in their everyday world.

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