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Social Studies for Kids Recycling, Civil Rights, The Right to Vote | Kids Academy

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It’s Kids Academy and welcome back to our channel! Social studies for kids is an essential subject in their initial classes. The three very important lessons of social studies are recycling, civil rights and the right to vote. Let’s describe these concepts in simpler words for kids.

Recycling simply means converting waste material into something new that can be used effectively. There are many materials that are being recycled today including plastic bags, tin cans, bottles, thrown away paper, juice cartons, and many more. Recycling is important because it saves the earth from pollution and is an efficient use of energy.

Civil rights are the rights that are observed to protect the freedom of common people from the government, private individuals and social organizations. One of the very important rights given by civil rights is the right to vote.

Every person in a country, satisfying the legal requirements of nationality, has the right to vote and elect the political public representatives, mostly the president. Every person 18 years of age or older has the right to vote.
It is necessary for a kid to know their rights in a state, it enables them to have a better understanding of the law and defending themselves in times of need.

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