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Skip Counting by 10’s To 100 | Count 10-100 with Toby | Kids Academy

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Skip Counting by 10’s To 100 | Count 10-100 with Toby | Kids Academy
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Students and children can learn to skip counting and counting by 10 easily by viewing this video from Kid’s Academy. The video opens showing a peaceful night scene and then shows Toby the dog awake in bed at 11:25 p.m. Toby is tired and states that he cannot sleep and that counting sheep may help him fall asleep.

Viewers are then invited to count from 10 to 100. Sheep appear in groups of 10 and the student can learn how to count to 100 by skip counting. The numbers from 10 to 100 appear as each group of 10 sheep is counted. After counting the sheep, Toby is now tired enough to fall asleep.

Skip counting is a valuable math skill. When children learn how to count by 10, they begin to realize numerical patterns and develop a sense of numbers and how they work. Understanding these patterns will lead to more advanced computation skills.

Counting forwards and backward in multiples of 2, 5, 10 or others will allow students to be able to more easily solve addition, subtraction and multiplication problems. Mental math is easier as well when the student can utilize skip counting as a tool to solve an equation.

After children learn to count to 10 and beyond, skip counting can then be introduced. With counters, beans, pennies or some other objects, students can count to 10 and make a group of 10. Another group of 10 can be made and then the student can count the total number of objects in the two groups.

More groups of 10 can be made and counting by 10 can be practiced.
The count from 10 to 100 video with Toby and Kid’s Academy is a welcome addition to supplement or to enrich any preschool or kindergarten math curriculum.

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