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Silent Letters – Phonics for Kids | Reading & Pronunciation | Kids Academy

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Silent letters to are the letters that appear in a word but are not pronounced. This seems a bit confusing for kids when they first learn silent letters but with a bit of practice and understanding, the concept would be easy to grasp.

Some letters are a part of a word, but they do not add to the sound of it. They are silent. These silent letters make up for different pronunciation of a word. However, silent words also follow a pattern. For example:

Consider the words:

• Ghost
• Honest
• Hour

In all these three words, ‘H’ remains silent, but did you see the pattern? Yes, ‘h’ before ‘o’ is silent. Similarly, in the words:

• Knot
• Knife
• Knee

The letter ‘k’ is silent. The pattern tells us that ‘k’ before ‘n’ is silent. Silent letter not only remain silent they can also change the pronunciation of a syllable, for example in words:

• Fin
• Fine

‘e’ is not pronounced in ‘fine’ but still, it changes the pronunciation of the whole world. So silent letters are not that silent, they have an effect on the pronunciation of words.
Now you know how to learn silent letters, practice with some more words.

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