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Shapes for Kids: Sides and Vertices | Math for 1st & 2nd Grade | Kids Academy

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In this video we will cover the following topics:

Math for 1st grade:

Sides and vertices for kids

In the geometry lesson, we will learn about sides and their functions, the polygons, and how different shapes have different numbers of sides and how to correctly identify them.

We will look at two-dimensional shapes and their vertices. We will find out what a vertex is and how to identify and count them in different shapes: triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, and rhombus.

We will explore different shapes, their sides, and angles. We will find out which shape has three sides and three angles, which one six sides and six angles, what we call a shape with four equal sides, and which one has no angles at all.

Math for 2nd grade:

Shapes for 2nd grade

In the second grade lessons, we will review different geometric shapes: pentagon, square, hexagon, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, and so on. We will look at their distinguishing features, and how to easily identify them.

We will learn about the line of symmetry what properties a shape must have for it to have a line of symmetry, how to look for that quality in a shape and different techniques for drawing the lines of symmetry in shapes.

We will learn what congruent shapes are and how to identify them based on the shape, size, and other qualities of different shapes in a group.

Geometry faces

Finally, we will look at 3D shapes and their faces. We will learn how to identify and count the faces of a cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, triangular prism the cone, and the pyramid.

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