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Rolie Polie Olie : April Fool’s Day Compilation ! | Funny Cartoons for Kids by Treehouse Direct

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Watch this Funny Cartoon for Kids “Rolie Polie Olie”, Kids will love this cute show, Olie, his sister Zowie, and his best friend Billy live as robots and discover the values of friendship, family, and growing up to be a great kid, for more funny kids cartoons click here:

The show focuses on the Polie Family, who live in a teapot-shaped house in a geometric world (Planet Polie) populated by robot-based characters. The stories revolve around a young robot named Olie learning life lessons and going on wacky adventures (either real or imaginative) while growing up. These often include his little sister Zowie, his inventor father, his hard-working mom, his fun-loving grandfather Pappy, and his dog Spot. Although most of the main cast is composed of circular bots, other characters are featured in other shapes, such as Olie’s friend Billy Bevel and his family, who are square-shaped bots from Planet Cubey.

Episode List
Ep.36: Gotcha! / Springy Chicken / A Polie Egg-Stravaganza
Ep.35: Let’s Make History / Adventure of Space Dads / Silly Willy Day

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