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The President of United States Job | Candidates and Responsibility

Did you ever ask yourself how you become the president of the USA? Well, being the president of any country is a huge responsibility. You need to have a completely balanced nature in making your country’s economy strong enough to be called out as a developed nation.

To be on a president’s job, you need to acquire certain abilities of leadership in you. Candidates from certain elected parties are upheld to fight for the seat of the president of the USA.

To stand in elections, a person or candidate should be at the age of 35 years old. They should be known as a resident of the USA of almost 14 years. The winning candidate is also the commander in chief of the US army.

Oath taking ceremony of the winning candidate is held in Washington DC. The president of the US resides in a white house where he conducts all his meetings with senior professionals and controls all departments under the US. Meetings with other country officials are also done in the white house.

A person is just allowed to stand in the US presidential elections three times under specific age limitations.

So if you want to know how to become the president of the USA then you must be eligible according to these rules.

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