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Place Value for Kids: Ones and Tens – Place Value Blocks | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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Understanding the value of a number is often taken for granted. It is a skill that is learned in the primary level years. Without understanding of this skill then numbers have no meaning. Many students rote count very well, but this does not mean that they know what a number represents. They have the language to name numbers but not the math skills needed to understand what numbers represent. Knowing the difference between $50 and $500 is one easy example and this is impossible without understanding place value. But, place value for kids is challenging for many young learners to master. Good teachers know that there is not just one way to teach this skill and using different methods and visuals ensures more student success.

The videos from Kids Academy demonstrate different methods of teaching place value. The teaching clips and illustrated videos show place value being taught with place value blocks and T-charts. Visit the zoo in one video and see how the number 10 is represented with different block configurations. Then, find the groups of animals that have a quantity of 10. Explore place value further, and learn the value of a number by counting by 10’s to the number of times shown in the tens place and count up by ones as shown by the number in the ones place. The teacher explains the skill in a different way with the use of a T-chart that organizes numbers neatly into columns and rows that she draws on the whiteboard and carefully explains. The T-chart is also used to determine the number that comes next when counting. In this video series, students will identify what number comes next using place value.
Place value for 1st grade is fundamental. When students learn this skill then they are ready for more complex computations and operations.


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