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Place Value for Kids: Hundreds & Thousands | Math for 2nd and 3rd Grades | Kids Academy

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Many students in primary level math classes find place value problems confusing. Parents and teachers looking for resources to teach, re-teach or provide practice for students find that Kids Academy offers fun, instructional videos that explain this math skill.

Place value for kids is important because without a good understanding of this concept, children do not know the value of a number. Ask a student which is more—40,000 or 4000. Students that do not comprehend place value do not understand which number is greater. Place value mastery, is a requirement to work more advanced computations and operations.

The instructional videos available from Kids Academy not only teach place value of tens and ones, but include larger value numbers including hundreds, thousands and ten thousands. One video instructs students how to find the value of a number that has numerals in the ones and tens place. The teacher instructs the viewers to look at the number in the tens place and then count by tens that many times. Another video takes place value learning further and children look at numbers that have numerals in the ones, tens and hundreds place. The video uses base ten blocks to explain the concept. Learning place value for 1st grade is now fun!

Place value for 2nd grade level students is more advanced and the videos focus on writing numbers in expanded and standard form. The numbers have numerals in the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and ten thousands spaces. The video teachers use different methods to teach the concept. This is ideal because not all students learn the same way! Students learn that they can write each number in the expanded form as an addition problem, then add. Now, the student has the answer in standard form. The next teacher uses a chart, and the teacher places each number in the correct labeled column. When asked what numeral is in the ten thousands place, students easily see the answer.
Using the Kids Academy videos is easy for parents and teachers and fun for students. Learn different ways to work on place value for kids and ensure student success in your math classes!

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