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Pecola | The Curse of Cube Town/Posteman Pecola – Ep. 16

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After Pecola and Little Chu see a scary movie at the Cube Town Cinema, Pecola really lets his imagination run away with him. He feels that a statue which Pecolius has unearthed is actually cursed just like the one in the thriller movie that he and Chewy saw! Pecola decides to save Cube Town by getting rid of the statue and creates a thriller of his own…although some people are less thrilled with his actions that he is…When Rory, Cube Town’s dedicated postman, catches a cold, Pecola volunteers to take over his route. Rory agrees but insists that Pecola follow his instructions on how to deliver the mail. Pecola does at first but soon decides that he has some new ideas that will improve mail delivery in town. Pecola’s changes soon wreak havoc all over Cube Town. The penguin acquires a new respect for learning from the experiences of others.

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