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Pecola | Runaway Pecola/Pecola’s Island – Ep. 17

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Little Chu and Pecola incorrectly suspect that they are being ignored by everyone in Cube Town, so they decide to keep to themselves from now on. They don’t need anyone! The boys hole up in Pecola’s tree house, but soon find that without their friends things get pretty boring, pretty fast. Upon their return to town they find that they wrong about being ignored, as the whole town is frantic because they couldn’t find them! Pecola and Chewy learn a lesson about jumping to conclusions.Pecola, Little Chu and Gazelle end up stranded on a desert island as a direct result of the boys not being able to cooperate with one another during a fishing contest. It is only through teamwork and understanding that they find a way to get off of the deserted island and back to Cube Town.

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