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This science video from Kids Academy will teach your child about our closest star – the Sun, which is the source of all life on the planet Earth. Observing the Sun and understanding its properties will help the young ones develop a better idea of the Earth’s place in the universe and prepare them for grasping the concepts of weather, seasons and amount of daylight, energy, as well as plant and animal behavior.
The Sun is in the middle of our solar system, and all the eight planets of the solar system revolve around it following their orbits. The Sun is a star, which means it’s a big ball of hot gas. Right now, it’s a dwarf star in the middle of its life, but over time it expands, which means “grows bigger”, to turn into a giant star when it gets really old.
Here are some amazing facts about the Sun:
1. The Sun is 327,000 times bigger than the Earth;
2. The temperature of the Sun surface is almost 10,000 degrees F, or over 5,000 degrees C;
3. The Sun is 93 million miles, or 150 million kilometers, away from us;
4. It takes the Sun’s light 8 minutes to reach the earth;
5. Our Sun is 4.5 billion years old.
In many ancient cultures the Sun was considered sacred. However, people not only worshipped the sun, they also learned how to use its energy in different ways. For example, the Ancient Egyptians knew how to build houses so that their walls would accumulate the Sun’s heat during the day and warm the house during the night. The Ancient Romans used sunlight to heat water in their baths. Nowadays the Sun’s light is an important alternative source of sustainable renewable energy. People build solar power systems, like solar panels, to generate heat and electricity.
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