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Old Macdonald Had a Farm + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Kids Academy

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Nursery rhymes provide valuable language experiences for young children. But that’s not all! Simple songs teach science and math vocabulary and even social studies concepts. Kids Academy brings three fun nursery rhymes in English to your toddler or preschooler to enjoy.

Teachers and parents may take the old favorite Old MacDonald Had a Farm for granted. But this song is rich in learning experiences. Children see and become familiar with farm animals and how they contribute to us all. The cow gives milk, the chickens lay eggs and the sheep provide the farmer with wool- and sport some trendy hair-dos after being sheared! Later in primary school, students learn about these concepts as part of their social studies curriculum. This video shows the Old MacDonald Had a Farm lyrics to read and follow along with for emergent readers!

The next video features the popular Five Little Monkeys song. In this version, the monkeys live in the jungle and fall out of their bed in the trees. Momma monkey-complete with hair curlers in her hair- calls Dr. Rhino in the middle of the night to report the problem. The song story is fun to sing along with and watch, and children learn the language for numbers and counting backward.

Continue with the next video, The Wheels on the Bus. This song is rich with vocabulary and expressive language. Learn the English words for Mama, Daddy, baby, Driver. Kids won’t realize it, but they learn onomatopoeia and say words for sounds in the song: swish, waa, beep. Another benefit of this song is that it is an action song. Kids sing and move and develop motor skills.

Nursery rhymes have many cognitive benefits. Most importantly is that these songs make children happy! Bring these fun videos into your home and classroom to enjoy!

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