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Objects that Fit Together | Matching Games for Kids | Develop Logic Skills for Children

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Developing logic for kids is an essential skill because children who think logically are more likely to have successful learning experiences in school. Logical thinking allows children to make better decisions, solve problems and even think more creatively. A great way to develop logical thinking in your children is to encourage critical thinking. Teachers and parents that provide activities such as matching games, asking open-ended questions and discussing objects that fit together foster these critical thinking skills for their children and students. Activities that develop logic for kids are great exercise for the brain!
This video begins with an explanation of what “objects that fit together” means. The example of a fish and water is given. A fish and water go together because a fish lives in water. But a cat and water would not fit together because cats don’t like to be wet. Another example given is wheels and cars. As the video continues, more examples such as shirts and pants, heads and caps, trees and leaves and rain and umbrellas further explain this type of matching for kids. At the end, the video challenges students to think of more objects that fit together. Other examples could include:
• A lock and a key
• A computer and a mouse
• A toothbrush and toothpaste
• A dog and a bone
Use this video to increase critical thinking and develop logic for your students. Teachers can also extend learning by discussing why objects fit together. This adds the benefit of teaching children reasoning skills as well as furthering their speech and language development. Teachers and parents find that this video is appealing to young students because the length of the lesson is perfect for young students and the instruction is clear and child-friendly. The animation is fun and engaging and keeps early learners’ attention. This video is a great resource for classes of young learners.

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