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Numbers Counting to 100 & 1000 | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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When teaching math, number sense is critical for success. Having “number sense” means that students have certain skills that allow them to work successfully with numbers. One of these critical skills is understanding quantity. This understanding begins with the ability to count numbers.

Counting to 100 is a goal for most students working on Kindergarten level math. Counting for 1st grade includes counting to 1000 or beyond. When students recognize and understand the pattern when they count numbers, the sky is the limit!
Kids Academy provides engaging and instructional videos for students that teach about number patterns when counting. Videos include fun clips with singing and dancing numbers as well as instructional videos with experienced teachers demonstrating number concepts with worksheets.

Different strategies are used when teaching counting for kids. These videos use number lines to clearly show students how counting from 107 to 120 is much like counting from 7 to 20.
Videos about numbers for 1st grade include worksheets and instruction on choosing numbers that are before and after a given number, and the teachers use different strategies to solve the problem including adding and subtracting, number lines, and counters.

Students that have difficulty with number sense struggle with basic math operations. These learners benefit from a variety of teaching methods and strategies when learning math. Re-teaching and extra practice are critical for student success. The Kids Academy videos give teachers and parents more options for their learners. Students mastering counting are then ready to move to other math skills that include quantifying numbers, understanding more and less, and basic addition and subtraction. As students continue to learn, counting leads to an understanding of more complex skills such as solving multi-digit computations. Counting is the basis for this progression and a required skill for all students.


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