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Morphle vs The Superhero Robot – BRAND NEW | Mila and Morphle | Cartoons for Kids

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In this special My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon ‘Morphle vs The Superhero Robot’, Professor Rachid has created a robot superhero that will help everybody in town. But when it starts to see Mila and Morphle as a thread to the city, it has to be stopped.

Featuring some of your favorite My Magic Pet Morphle episodes including ‘Morphle’s Cute Bunny’, ‘Morphle gets Slimed’, ‘Morphle Morphs Into Mila’, and more.

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My Magic Pet Morphle is a fun and educational cartoon for kids. Watch Morphle morph into all sorts of exciting things from Trucks and Cars to Robots and Dragons. Join in the adventure with Mila and Morphle as they meet a bunch of magical pets and fun characters.

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0:00 Intro
0:10 Morphle vs the Superhero Robot
4:33 Morphle and Orphle Suits
8:38 Robo-Freeze
12:45 My Magic T-shirt
18:05 Morphle the Giant Robot Protects The City
22:05 Mila In Jail
26:04 Mila Robot Mischief
30:11 Morphle Loses His Powers! With Nully

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