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Morphle Saves the Day! – Fire Trucks and Vehicles | Kids Cartoon | Morphle TV

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In this special My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon ‘Morphle saves the Day’, Morphle the fire truck helps Firefighter Gerben while the real firetruck is away for repairs. Morphle helps cats out of trees and puts out small fires. But when Gerben goes away to pick up the truck, Mila and Morphle have to stop a dangerous fire and save a person from a roof by themselves.

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My Magic Pet Morphle is a fun and educational cartoon for kids. Watch Morphle morph into all sorts of exciting things from Trucks and Cars to Robots and Dragons. Join in the adventure with Mila and Morphle as they meet a bunch of magical pets and fun characters.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Morphle saves the Day!
4:01 Morphle’s Fantasy Race
6:50 Morphle Farts
7:54 Morphle robs a bank!
12:03 Super Hero Mila
16:03 My Magic T-shirt
21:23 Clean Up After Playing
25:25 Going Home
28:31 Playing Hide And Seek
32:49 Cloud Monster Gets a Friend
37:02 The Bandit’s Dream
41:24 My Big Red Truck V2
45:33 Morphle Goes To Jail
51:56 Digital World
54:29 My Scientific Shapes

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