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Morphle and Orphle Play Time – Cartoons for Kids | Morphle TV

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In this special My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon ‘Morphle and Orphle Play Time’, Morphle and Orphle become friends when they play a fun game of hide and seek.

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My Magic Pet Morphle is a fun and educational cartoon for kids. Watch Morphle morph into all sorts of exciting things from Trucks and Cars to Dinosaurs and Dragons. Join in the adventure with Mila and Morphle as they meet a bunch of magical pets and fun characters.

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0:00 Intro
0:10 Morphle and Orphle Play Time
3:59 Hypno Bandits
8:48 Double Daddy
12:48 My Magic Ambulance
17:39 The Orphle Bandits
21:54 Morphle Loses His Powers! With Nully
24:43 The Dinosaur Race
28:46 Morphle Is Alone And Cries
31:58 Double Orphle Trouble
35:58 Orphle’s Delivery
40:03 Reading a Book to Catch a Crook
43:53 Morphle is Sick
47:53 Mila In Jail
51:52 The Sticky-Mobile Chase
54:05 Sound Bird
58:01 Helping Daddy

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