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Miss Spider Special! | The Prince, Princess and the Bee

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Sunny Patch is a-buzz with royal fever. A new princess has hatched in the beehive—Princess Honey. Bugs flit and hop from all over to visit the new princess and it’s from a visiting Beetle Princess that Shimmer learns about the long lost princess of Mushroom Glen. Every year the Jewel Beetles King Rigel and Queen Sapphire hold a big Ball in Mushroom Glen with the hopes of finding their lost daughter. Shimmer points out she is adopted and is a long lost beetle. Could it be that she is the lost princess? That’s what Shimmer really hopes. All she has to do is go to Mushroom Glen and pass a test to prove she is. Along with Holley, Miss Spider, Squirt, Bounce, and Felix the frog, Shimmer takes an adventure-filled balloon ride to Mushroom Glen in Stinky’s marvelous balloon. Unbeknownst to them, Princess Honey stows away and hitches a ride so she can go to the ball too. But along the way, Honey gets lost in the Bubbly Bog, a very spooky place and Squirt and Felix and the rest of bugs help rescue her. Shimmer finds out she isn’t a princess but she, Bounce, Squirt and Felix are crowned honorary princes and princess for their brave and selfless behavior. Princes and Princess come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a happy homecoming in Sunny Patch and the kids learn that when you are grateful for who you are and what you have you can’t help but be royally happy whether you’re a royalty or not.

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