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Measuring Length: Centimeters, Inches, Feet and Yards | Math for 2nd Grade | Kids Academy

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Measurement for kids does not have to be boring! Learning about this math concept is easy and fun with the videos from Kids Academy. Join our video teachers as they demonstrate measuring length, and how to compare lengths in centimeters, inches, feet and yards for kids!
The videos about measuring length are full of content that is explained carefully and clearly. Students learn different tools used for measuring such as a ruler, yardstick, meter stick, plastic tape measure, and metal tape measure. Then, students choose the appropriate tool to measure items like, a nail, door, ball or house. The teacher’s use of a whiteboard with fun pictures and examples appeal to young learners.

Students practice measuring items in inches and centimeters. Comparing centimeters to inches is easy with the rulers provided on the screen. Students continue their exploration of measurement by comparing objects by measuring the length in centimeters and then using subtraction to compute the difference in length.

Showing children how math is applied and used in their everyday lives makes instruction more meaningful and aids in the retention and understanding of the concepts taught. Almost every day, we use estimation of length, width, or weight. Kid’s Academy carefully explains how to use everyday objects that are familiar to estimate length. The video teacher explains a bottle cap is about an inch wide, and a hammer is close to 12 inches long. Using these objects as a reference, students estimate the length of other objects.

Clear up any confusion on measurement for kids with these videos and activities. These clips are a great resource for teachers and parents to aid students with measurement. After viewing the instruction, hands-on measurement activities are easily completed in the home or classroom as an extension or enrichment for the lesson.

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