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Max & Ruby | A New Year’s Special

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Get cozy in your PJs and rewatch your favourite Treehouse episodes! Happy Holidays ❄️

44a Ruby’s Gingerbread House – Ruby and Louise want to make a perfect gingerbread house for Grandma for Christmas. Max is intrigued of course, by all the “Candy!” It’s going fine except that the girls can’t get the walls to stick, and finally the thing that’ll make them stick is the addition of Max’s favourite “Candy!”

44b Max’s Christmas Passed – Christmas is over and it’s time to take the decorations down. Ruby is sad but realistic. Max doesn’t want the feeling to end, so he confiscates the Christmas ornaments and creates a makeshift Christmas tree in Ruby’s room so it can still be “Christmas!”

44c Max’s New Year – It’s New Year’s Eve and Grandma has invited Max & Ruby to stay with her and watch the new year come in. Ruby is so concerned with staying awake that she contrives all kinds of games for them to play, and in the end both she and Grandma are fast asleep by the time the clock strikes midnight, leaving Max alone to wake them up with “Happy New Year!”

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