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If your child needs practice with 2nd grade word problems, then look no further. This video series provides practice guided by teachers for common core 2nd grade math word problems. Word problems take understanding to a different level. Students need to use reading and comprehension skills, in addition to math skills, to be successful. Provide your learners with extra support, practice, and re-teaching opportunities with these instructional videos.

Kids Academy’s experienced instructors work word problems step by step and carefully explain how each problem is solved. The teachers use number lines and pictures to help students visualize the number story. And, students are reminded to read the word problem and underline the information that is needed to solve the problem. Keywords including less and fewer are emphasized but also words like “give” and “give away” that indicate subtraction operations.

Videos continue with word problems that require multiplication and division word stories. The video instructors provide explanations with pictures and use the whiteboard to show each step and computation. Find out how 20 cupcakes can be divided equally onto 4 plates and how many crackers total in 3 packs, with 6 crackers in each pack.

The last clip involves stories requiring that perimeter be calculated. Perimeter is defined and word problems that show real life examples of how math is needed to solve a problem or question is provided. For example, students read a problem to find out how many inches of ribbon is used to outline the perimeter of a card.

Word problems do not have to cause frustration among students. Practice 2nd grade math subtraction word problems with experienced teachers that give students different examples of how problems can be pictured and completed. Students can watch and even re-watch the teacher work the 2nd grade math worksheet word problems again to improve their understanding.

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