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Math Word Problems | Math for 1st Grade | Kids Academy

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1st grade math word problems are challenging to many learners. Children have to process and understand not only math operations but also language that is unfamiliar. This video collection provides students with their own personal teacher that explains how to work several types of word problems.

The format of each video is simple. Math word problem worksheets are shown and the teachers carefully explain how to solve the math word problems.

Using a whiteboard, the teachers use several different strategies to work through the 1st grade math problems worksheets. The teachers carefully explain to the students that first, students read the problem. Then, read the problem again and underline keywords. Keywords that help students understand what operation the problem requires include: altogether, are left, in all, and in total. The teachers remind the students that sometimes there is information in the word problem that is not needed to solve the problem. Distinguishing between the required information needed to work the problem and the information that is not relevant is difficult and must be practiced.

Drawing pictures, counting on, or using number lines are used to solve the problems.

These videos include word problems that require more than one step to solve. Again, the teacher explains each step clearly to the viewers.

Math addition word problems in 1st grade include tasks involving the addition of money and telling time. The videos include worksheets with problems adding hours and half hour, and word problems requiring the counting and adding of money. These problems show real-life math applications.

Don’t let word problems frustrate your 1st grader. Give your child extra help and support with these instructional videos. When children watch the videos and work the problems with the teacher, success is sure to follow.

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