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Sorting Games, Matching Games, Logic Games for Kids
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Here at Kid’s Academy, we know that improving young students’ critical thinking skills helps them become stronger students when they enter primary school. These videos teach students observational skills, reasoning skills and logical thinking with sorting games and matching games. And very young children begin learning first with color games.
Games and instruction for toddlers and students in preschool and Kindergarten begin with learning about colors. Color games for kids include not only naming colors but also matching objects of the same color. Once students master color, they begin to work on sorting games and look at the size and then shape to describe, sort and classify objects. Language skills improve as well because students have the words to describe the world around them.

As students progress, students use higher-order thinking skills to determine if there is more than one way to sort objects and use reasoning skills to decide if objects go together and why they go together.
Students enjoy learning with the child-friendly instruction on these clips. Skills and concepts include:

• Matching colors.
• identifying toys that are the “same” and “different.”
• Objects that fit together. A fish and water go together, and cookies and milk fit together. Students use logic and reasoning to find other things that go together.
• Finding the object that is different in a group of objects. Students look for differences in size, shape, color or position.
• Matching objects that are exactly the same.
• Sorting objects by size.
• Sorting objects in a group two different ways—by size and color.

Kid’s Academy’s logic games for kids are fun! Children want to watch and play more and more! The videos are a valuable tool for the classroom as well as for parents wanting to help their children improve their thinking and reasoning skills.


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