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Line Plots for Kids – Measurment & Data | Math for 2nd and 3rd Grade | Kids Academy

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Students working in primary grade level math learn about many different ways to organize data and information. Number line plots, often called line plots, are a great way to organize data sets. Line plots are graphs that show the frequency of given data, usually along a number line. These graphs are generally used when there are less than 25 numbers to plot or record on the number line.

Kids Academy provides detailed instruction on line plots for 2nd grade and line plots for 3rd grade. This series of line plot worksheets gives students lessons in a natural progression. The first worksheet, which includes teacher instruction, teaches students what a line plot is and how to tell if a graph is a line plot or not. This is a great introduction to this math skill that shows what a line plot looks like and how data is recorded on a line plot. Students compare a line plot graph to a bar graph and the teachers explains the difference between the two graphs. In the second video, the students answer questions about the information that is supplied on the line plot graph. The video teacher first reviews the data that is on the graph and then answers each question on the worksheet. Students see a question that asks how many pencils measure 18 inches long. The teacher directs the students to the line plot to find the answer. In the 3rd video, the students make their own line plot and chart lengths of aircraft on the worksheet.

Teachers and parents can use the line plot worksheets to introduce this math skill or as a re-teaching tool in math classes. The videos follow a natural and logical progression that ensures that each student understands and can apply the knowledge that has been presented in the videos.


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