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Letter Z Phonics for Kids Learn the Alphabet Kids Academy

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Letter Z Phonics for Kids Learn the Alphabet Kids Academy

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Learning the alphabet is the foundation for phonics instruction and reading success. A young child faces a challenging task of learning the names of 26 capital and lowercase letters and each letter’s sound, or in some cases, more than one sound.

Also, factor in naming which letters are vowels and which letters are consonants and the task is even more challenging for young learners. Parents and teachers often question how to learn the alphabet in the best way. Children benefit and learn best when different materials and activities are used to present letters and sounds. Instructional videos can reinforce and provide enrichment activities when learning the alphabet.

The letter Z is a very fun letter to learn about. The letter’s sound is fun to learn because it is easier to distinguish between other letter sounds This video presents the letter Z and teaches the sound of Z. At the beginning of the video, the letter Z appears on the screen. Then the video voiceover enunciates the letter Z sound three times and then asks the viewer to say the sound of letter z.

The viewer is then shown the words zipper, zebra and zoo. These are word examples that young children are familiar with and now associate with the letter Z. The Z sound is pronounced when the word appears. The video length is excellent in that it is long enough to teach the letter Z and it’s sound, while not being too long so that a young child loses interest. The video’s animation of the zipper, zebra, and zoo appeals to young learners and is visually inviting.

Using instructional videos when helping children with how to learn the alphabet is fun and provides additional visual and auditory learning experiences for young children. Learning letter Z and other letters are easier and more interesting with different ways of learning the alphabet.

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