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Letter Y: yellow, yak, yo-yo, yolk, yam, yarn, yawn, and yard – Phonics for Kids | Learn the Alphabet | Kids Academy

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Phonics teaches learners that letters represent the sounds in the English language. Phonics provides the tools needed to read and spell words correctly. To be successful in phonics, a solid foundation of learning the alphabet and each letter’s sound is essential.

To begin young learners must first learn how to identify each letter. Then the student learns that each letter has one or more sounds. The letters put together to form words. Reading words phonetically allows children to decode unfamiliar words independently.

Children that read words primarily by sounding them out read more at an earlier age, read more fluently and overall have reading success.
In preschool and kindergarten, children will learn the alphabet and each letter’s sound(s). Visual and auditory learners benefit from teaching materials such as fun videos to aid the learning process.

Children can learn about the letter Y with this fun and endearing video. The video opens with an animation that shows the letter Y and names and then draws the letter. The scene then changes to a group of yaks that are yawning. The student learns that the words “yawn” and “yak” begin with the letter Y and the Y sound repeats many times.

The student repeats the letter Y sound and each word. The snowy and cold scene shows a very cold cat that is shivering. The yak then knits a sweater for the poor cat and the viewer says the word “yarn” and repeats the Y sound. Learning about letter Y has never been so much fun!
The alphabet for kids is a necessary skill and lays the foundation for reading success.

This video identifies the letter Y, repeats the letter Y’s sound and gives the student three words that have the Y sound. The students associate the letter and it’s sound to the words in the video and remember the letter and sound more easily. This video is a great tool to learn phonics in the school or home classroom.

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