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Letter R – Learn English Alphabet | Kids Academy

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Letter R – Learn English Alphabet | Kids Academy

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The letter R – 18th one in the alphabetical order and quite simple and easy to write. The three armed alphabet initiates a lot of words. Run, rocket, rabbit, rain, ring and much more.

Both the capital and the small letter R is quite simple to write. Just put a straight line and connect a semicircle on top of it. Easy, isn’t? Just make sure you practice, practice and practice.
Want to know some fun facts about the letter R? Well, here you go;
The letter R in a circle means original. Didn’t know that huh?
You can also call this letter a canine letter.

William Shakespeare a famous scriptwriter also gave a shout out to this letter in his play “Romeo and Juliet”.
Seems quite interesting now, right?

Besides, you can also name tons of different countries and places beginning with R like Russia, Romania, and Rwanda. Thus, a letter R is considered as one of the most commonly used letters in English words indicating its significance.

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