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Letter N | Learn the Alphabet | Kids Academy

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Letter N | Learn the Alphabet | Kids Academy

Letters are important but the sounds of the letters are way more important than the letters because there’s no point of teaching a child how to write an alphabet when he cannot pronounce it in the first place.

Today we are here to talk about the letter “N” and how you can make your child learn about it, write it and pronounce it.

For starters, if you are a parent who is opting for homeschooling for your child then you can take some help from the internet, especially from Youtube.

You see, Youtube has it all, you just need to type, let’s suppose “ how to pronounce the letter “N” in the search engine and you will have several videos pop up in front of you. Moreover, you will even get some amazing visual of the letter which is why yes, you need to start using the internet to teach your child different letters and figures.

As a teacher, we’d suggest you to use different activities and diagrams, etc to attract the child in a way that he picks up the letter “N” real quick. You see, kids are more drawn to visuals and that’s exactly what you need to use to put something in their minds.

To pronounce the word “N”, you need to block the air from leaving your mouth and then you need to press the tip of your tongue with the teeth ridge. When the soft palate will drop and when the air is allowed to pass through your mouth, you will then be able to hear the sound of “N”.

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