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Letter K | Learn the Alphabet | Kids Academy

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Letter K | Learn the Alphabet | Kids Academy

Show Them The Letter First

First, work on the visual representation of the letter “K” and for this, you need to show the kids the letter written somewhere.

Show Them How To Write The Letter “K”

Once you are done painting an image in the child’s brain of the letter “K”, you then have to teach him how to write it from scratch.

Note: You can use different colors and crayons etc to make the letter “K” more interesting for the kids.

Teach Them The Sound Of The Letter “K”

“K” is the letter that comes with little to no vibration and you cannot stretch the sound of this letter like the other letters. “K” comes with two sounds;

-It can sound as “Kay”
-It can sound as “Khey”

You can teach them both the sounds with the help of some examples.

This is the process of teaching your little one the letter “K”. Just follow these steps and make sure to be patient while your kid is trying to learn these letters and understand you.

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