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Learning the Alphabet from I to P | Kids Academy

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Learning the Alphabet from I to P | Kids Academy

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The first introduction of the little ones during their stay at kindergarten happens with the English alphabet. They must know their way around these letters to build the foundation of their crucial learning stage. To keep that in mind today we will be learning the alphabets from the letter I to P.

The best way to do it is to familiarize the kids with the easy and understandable words that can be derived from them, in this way they will be able to understand the sound, crest, and trough of these alphabets and the meaning of the words that these form.


Letter I is not only an alphabet but also a vowel in the English language;

• Ice-cream
• Igloo
• Ink


It is the 10th alphabet in the English literature and it forms various words such as;

• Jungle
• Jacket
• Jet


It holds the 11th position in the English alphabets and forms various words such as;

• Kite
• Kitten
• King


L is the alphabet that plays a silent role in a variety of words and serves the connection purpose between the letters of a word;

• Lake
• Leaf
• Ladder


It is the 13th letter in the English alphabets;

• Milk
• Mango
• Moon


It represents the 14th alphabet in the English language;

• Nest
• Noon
• Net


Letter O is not only an alphabet but also a vowel in the English alphabets;

• Orange
• Onion
• Oven


In order to learn letter P, the kids won’t have to struggle a lot because learning the words down here will definitely help them to understand this letter;

• Parrot
• Plant
• Parachute

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