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Learn To Count Numbers 1 to 5 | Counting Numbers For Kids | Kids Academy

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Learn To Count Numbers 1 to 5 | Kids Academy
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Kid’s Academy’s “Learn To Count Numbers 1-5” is an engaging count number for kids video that encourages children to count in a playful and fun way. Children love a farmyard scene and are familiar with farm animals. The video opens with Chloe, the mama chicken, asking the viewer to help her find her lost chicks. The chicks are found one at a time behind a bush, in the grass, behind a stone, and in the flowers.

As each chick comes out of hiding the numbers 1-5 appear and the children learn to count numbers in sequence each time a hidden chick is found.
Parents and teachers of preschoolers and kindergarten students can use this video to help students master number identification.

Children will associate a given number that is repeated in the video and match that number they hear in video with the numeral. After watching the video, children and students can learn counting numbers one through five. But in addition to how to count numbers, the video demonstrates what numbers mean. Children also learn that as each chick is found the quantity of chicks is increasing. This will allow children and students to understand early addition concepts.

Number identification and rote counting are essential foundational early math skills. When young children learn how to count numbers sequentially, they learn that the last number that is counted is the s the quantity of a given set of objects. But counting is more than calculating a given quantity, the child also learns to match an object or objects with a number one at a time. This is a one-to-one correspondence.

As a child’s number of vocabulary grows, then the child also becomes more confident in communication and expression. Children are naturally curious. Learning how to count numbers and associate a number with a quantity will better help the child understand the world around them as well as encourage more mathematical exploration.

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