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Learn colors for Kids | Red Color | Kids Academy

If your kid is at that stage when he is supposed to learn about colors and their names then know that you as a parent or a teacher need to use as many visuals as you can. In fact, it’s an undeniable fact that colors can only be taught through visuals. For starters, you can use a textbook or color pencils to make your little one understand what colors are and how many are there.

Now, of course, the wiser thing to do is to start with the basic colors and focus on them until your kid has it all memorized. You need to teach your child about colors like green, red, yellow, blue. Just let him understand the concept of these basic colors first and then move towards the other ones because when it comes to colors, we all know they are uncountable.

Speaking of teaching colors, let’s suppose you are currently focusing on “red”. Now, in this case, you should be opting for Youtube videos and animations, etc that can teach your child about the color red.

Use different examples, make him watch different videos about the color red and then move towards the point where you test him. Use DIY color books, makeup and sing some songs and rhymes and opt for hand painting to make this learning process fun for your kid.

With a little practice and some hand painting, your kid will surely learn about the color red within no time and once he reaches that stage, you then can move to other colors like blue and green, etc. Moreover, you can even tell about the color red to your child by pointing out his/her favorite dress.

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